How to Avoid Those Wedding Bloopers

Or, How Not to Annoy Your Friends and Family at Your Wedding

“Where is the wedding party, any way? Why am I standing out here in the sun for 45 minutes waiting for them to show up?” “Why is the buffet line so long? Didn’t someone think about 100 people all trying to get their reception dinner at the same time?” Or, at the end of the event, the venue is littered and your best friends feel compelled to pick up the discarded cups and find garbage bags . . . Yes, as wedding professionals, these are the kinds of faux-pas we see on a much-too-regular basis.

Help is Near!

This past season, we at Matthies Hall have focused on upgrading our clients’ wedding experiences with the assistance of an on-site coordinator.  With this key partner on your team, you have a knowledgeable resource to get you through all the ups and downs of preparing for your event.  Our coordinators guide you to vendors that meet your style, your price point and carry the correct insurance and licenses. Vendor recommendations are based on their quality, skill in working in a creative space like ours, their focus on your unique experience, and pay us no commissions.

It’s all about the plan

The coordinator’s primary focus is the day of your event, unless you choose to use a coordinator as a full wedding planner.  However, if during your months of planning you find yourself a little lost or stressing out over a topic, reach out! Because we know how weddings work, we make actionable suggestions to ease your stress.  As your big day gets close, our focus shifts to making sure everything is in order. We meet with you to run through your whole day, from the moment you arrive until the event is complete. We make sure your vendors are all on the same timeline, all the set-up details are locked down, and we have a documented back-up plan.  

And then, the Big Day

Throughout the day itself, we make sure everyone – bridal party, family, guests, and vendors –  are where they are supposed to be. It is all about managing the logistics of the day, the vendors, and of course guiding you and your guests.  

The best reason for a coordinator is that you don’t have to focus on all the details – you get to focus on the reason you are there.  We keep you on time, your guests in the right locations and make sure you get to enjoy your meal, and do all the things you want to do, like have that sunset photograph.  Our planners have seen it all, and fixing a bustle or a hole in the dress, pinning back a bra strap or helping you take out your veil, we have you covered.

Contact Us: We at Oliver Ellsworth Homestead want you, your family and guests to come away with lovely memories. Contact us for more information:

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