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Considering a PopUp Wedding?

Caught up in a venue cancellation or evaluating a more cost effective alternative? A popup wedding may be the best solution. So, you need to find a location! The grounds of the Oliver Ellsworth Homestead may be ideal, with lots of lawn, mature trees, unique history, easy access, and photo ops galore. Whatever your creative … Continue reading Considering a PopUp Wedding?

Wondering Whether to Cancel Your Wedding? Hold On!

Most couples are choosing to postpone their wedding in this topsy-turvey time, not to cancel. Read this short article about wedding postponements, cancellations, and what most couples are doing. Misery truly does love company! WeddingPro has gathered some helpful and intriguing information – check it out.

Fall Weddings

On October 10, 1886 the first tuxedo was worn. Why are we sharing this historical fact with you? Believe it or not, our historical homestead is available for one lucky couple to snag 10/10/20 for a truly memorable wedding. Fall is a gorgeous times of the year, and our outdoor ceremony location looks breathtaking in … Continue reading Fall Weddings

Dom's Broad Street Eatery

Sometimes we want to acknowledge the friends and organizations who have helped us launch our events at Matthies Hall. One of these is Jason DiBella, owner of Dom’s Broad Street Eatery in Windsor. Jason and his catering business get consistently high marks from his clients and from us at the Homestead. Great food, easy to … Continue reading Dom's Broad Street Eatery

Did you say 'yes'?

Did you say ‘yes’ to your Valentine on the 14th? If so, Matthies Hall at the Oliver Ellsworth Homestead may be the perfect place for your wedding and reception! Contact us at for pricing packages and Valentine’s Day specials!

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